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Why was the new FDE version pulled back?


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We saw the version was available, we only update a couple to test. Not long after we saw that all our devices were up 2 date but then saw the new version wasn't showing and went back to

What was the reason for the pull back? To many issues?

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We were trying to encrypt 10 new devices with version 1.4.50 yesterday via our on-prem Protect server but the product faild to activate on the clients.

We had to manually uninstall this version of FDE on the clients and roll out the previous version again, which activated fine.

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Actually the problem got worse.

Since ESET pulled back version 1.4.50 we cannot activate newly installed clients with the older version anymore.

Our licence is for 320 instances and only 72 are in use now.. 


From the log of the client:

[2023-11-29 13:17:42.629] [agent] [info] [5300] Received Activation task from Agent
[2023-11-29 13:18:03.693] [licence] [error] [5300] Cannot send message "association" : 20003
[2023-11-29 13:18:03.693] [licence] [error] [5300] ecp::Result::HttpRetryAfter
[2023-11-29 13:18:03.695] [licence] [error] [5300] Association Failed : result 3 resultcode 20003
[2023-11-29 13:18:03.695] [licence] [error] [5300] Activation Failed 0 : 0x00004E23
[2023-11-29 13:18:03.695] [agent] [error] [5300] Activation task has failed

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  • ESET Staff

@mkrupa do you have by any chance a couple years old FDE policy containing proxy password and applying it together with some newly created one? If so could you try to recreate that policy from scratch and see if it helps? We noticed some issue in Agents with latest Configuration module.

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