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  1. The notifications are not shown anymore, if our blocking web page is shown directly in a web browser. Those notifications are redundant in such cases. It involves anti-phishing and PUA protection, to name a few cases.
  2. EIS connects to our servers in order to fetch the category for a particular domain.
  3. No, this change is only related to our back-end infrastructure. No update on the client side is needed.
  4. The category for discordapp.net has been corrected. Restart of OS is needed in order to take the effect immediately, or you can wait until the correct category is fetched automatically in coming hours.
  5. This issue should be fixed by the Firewall module version 1391.1 Expected release on Pre-release update channel is the next week. The issue is triggered by the update of the program. If you clicked to keep the rule button in the dialog, the dialog should not show anymore.
  6. @FadeMind Do you have enabled this setting in AdGuard: Network - Use WFP network driver ? If so, could you try to reproduce the issue with it disabled?
  7. In order to help us investigate this issue, please proceed as follows: Enable Network protection advanced logging Replicate the issue (i.e. try to connect to Chromecast device) Disable Network protection advanced logging Collect the logs using ELC Send me the created logs via a PM The more detailed guide can be found at https://support.eset.com/kb3186/
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