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SSL/TLS protocol filtering Interactive is broken

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6/10/20 7pm PST

Within the past 12 hours or so, SSL/TLS protocol filtering, Interactive mode has stopped functioning in ESET IS on Windows 10 1909 with Google Chrome 83.0.4103.97 (64-bit).

Usually, when in Interactive mode, ESET IS detects SSL Certs and prompts whether Certs should be ignored or scanned.  ESET IS is no longer prompting.  It completely misses the Certificate and no prompt appears.  Automatic mode still seems to work normally.

This same problem also occurs on a fresh Windows 10 install with ESET IS

Can this be fixed, please?

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If your objective by switching to SSL/TLS protocol scanning Interactive mode is to exclude Eset's scanning of a given web site, this can be done manually.

Refer to the below screen shot. Open your browser. Then open Eset GUI.

Then select Setup -> Internet protection ->  Web access protection -> Web and Email -> SSL/TLS -> List of known certificates -> mouse click on the Add tab.

Enter URL for the web site whose certificate you wish to exclude from scanning. Mouse click on the OK tab. Eset will auto populate the certificate data. Finally, set Scan action to Ignore. Click on OK tab and every subsequent OK tab to save your changes.


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On 6/12/2020 at 6:31 AM, Posolsvetla said:

I was able to reproduce this issue with Internet protection module 1398.
Do you have the same version?

Internet protection module: 1388.4 (20200611)

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  • ESET Staff

I wasn't able to reproduce it with the version 1388.4

The version 1398 was released only for a few days and than replaced with 1388.4

The issue is only present in the version 1398 and will be fixed in 1399

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