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  1. We are already investigating an issue with the same symptoms, so it might be the same issue in fact. Does the certificate used on the server have CRL Distribution Point X509 extension? If so, is the URL in there accessible on the affected local machine? The certificate is verified using the functionality OS provides. As a part of that process, the URL mentioned above is accessed.
  2. I wasn't able to reproduce it with the version 1388.4 The version 1398 was released only for a few days and than replaced with 1388.4 The issue is only present in the version 1398 and will be fixed in 1399
  3. I was able to reproduce this issue with Internet protection module 1398. Do you have the same version?
  4. Unfortunately we are not able to provide any update on this issue yet.
  5. We were able to reproduce the issue and obtained the log files which confirm the bogus data are added by our product.
  6. Not sure if this is important and would make any difference, but there is missing charset=utf-8 in the content-type header sent by the server.
  7. I checked the provided logs for GET /6.board-5991e97616a5fcf95475.js (as indicated by the screenshot) and there is no garbage at the end in the data passed to the browser. The data have length of 18682 bytes. Wireshark capture is sometimes needed in order to diagnose some kinds of issues. This is not the case.
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