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  1. Hello, I upgraded my ESET IS and now I have v12.0.27.0.? But the Referral program link is missing on my GUI? I can see the link on the following screen shot here: https://support.eset.com/kb7045/ Can you help me ?
  2. Hi @Marcos Thanks, I will try ASAP today afternoon and let you know the result.
  3. Thanks, I'm working and only back at home tomorrow, If Marcos does not answer, I will contact the support team tomorrow.
  4. Hello @Rami Do you know how long is the delay to get an answer from @Marcos ?
  5. Thanks for your help @Rami Now I will disable anti-theft on my PC and wait for a solution.
  6. Hi @Rami Thanks, you are right. I tried to disable and then re-enable anti-theft but the problem is still the same.
  7. Hi @Rami Thanks for your help! I check the instructions on your link and restart my PC but no change☹️
  8. ? I had only entered my Email address and password to connect my PC at "myESET" account.
  9. Of course? My English is poor... As you can see on my screen shots, ESET IS notifies that I will optimize the anti-theft, but when I connect to my "myESET" account and click on the related device I got an empty screen whitout access to the parameters.
  10. Hello, I'm paid user of ESET Multi-Device Security. Yesterday I activated anti-theft and On my Home PC I get a message for optimizing anti-theft but when I got to myESET site there is an issue and I cannot access to this device. Can you help me ?
  11. Hello Nobody can help me to solve this problem with Lastpass on Chrome secured banking browser ?
  12. Thanks @Marcos for your answer. I'm using Lastpass free 4.9.1 and yes my banking version is 1128. When I try to install Lastpass I get the error message : "Package incorrect : "CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE"."
  13. Hello, I want to add Lastpass, µBlock Origin and Malwarebytes extension at Chrome secured banking browser I'm not sure if it is possible. Thanks for advices and help.
  14. Hello, My ESET IS is still in v11.0.159.9 , how can I get the latest v11.1.42.1 ? Thanks
  15. Hello @TomFace Thanks for your answer. Are you absolutely sure because my last bill indicates that the license expires 1 year after the purchase (purchased 13 November 2017, expiration 13 November 2018).
  16. Hello, I saw with gluttony the Black Friday's ESET deals and I'm wondering If I can purchase a new license and wait for the expiration of the one I'm currently using to activate it . Can you help me ?
  17. Hopefully this feature will be improved on the future ESET releases
  18. Thanks @SCR You are right, it would probbaly be better to do nothing ! But this "System Cleaner" is not very useful Thanks @peteyt Where can I find your previous post about this feature ? I would add some comments
  19. Thanks @peteyt Is there a way to know these changes ? If I click on "reset", what are the risks ?
  20. Hello, ESET Internet Security user, on WIndows 10 Pro. Just looking at "System Cleaner", and I cannot find detailed informations about the changes that I can reset on my PC with this tool. Can you help me ? Thanks.
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