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  1. Thanks @Daedalus You are right ! Updates are automatic.
  2. Hello, Virus signature database updates does not work on my Samsung S8+, with ESET Mobile Security Premium v I cannot set the time interval for automatic threat database downloads. That's what I find on the User Manual: And that's what I see on my device: Can you help me ? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have a question about the license parameters on ESET IS 10 BETA. Is it possible to enter an ESET Multidevice Security 9 license key ?
  4. What do you mean? Hello, I am not a frequent beta tester so I don't know the custom. I was only hoping to get a discount for my next ESET 10 license.
  5. Hello I'm continuing to test ESET EIS 10 and it works very well But I don't know if the betatesters can hope for a gift after the 31 October 2016 ?
  6. Hello All this new features are very interesting. I'm using ESS 9 with more than 12 months of remaining licence. Do you think it will be possible when ESET 10 will release to upgrade from ESS to ESSP whitout loosing my current licence ?
  7. The detection for CCleaner standard installer is correct since you have enabled that user optional detection category. It is detected cause Google Chrome IIRC is bundled with it. If you don't want Potentially Unwanted/Unsafe Applications to be detected then you can always disable them. In any case, it is not a false positive. I can't say why HMPA is detected as such though. I last month went with the standard CCleaner installer cause I had issues with previous version and didn't want to wait until the slim build was released. I just clicked on "no action" a few times on the PUA warning notifications to let it through and unticked the Chrome offer during install. I want pua/pups to be detected so clicking on "no action" in cases like this or when no "clean" installer is provided by the developer at all - is a no issue for me. Hi SweX Thanks+++ Now I have understood the CCleaner installer detection. But still the problem with HitmanPro.Alert and the impossibility of submitting the file to ESET.
  8. Hi johnwooden, of course you can understand that I have a good Internet connection because I can post on this forum
  9. Thanks TomFace. Actually I stop using HitmanPro.Alert because of to much false positive with latest build but I don't want to delete the installer.
  10. Thanks Marcos for the link. I will try ASAP. ccsetup.exe is CCleaner installer and hmpalert.exe is HitmanPro.Alert installer, so I think that they are not real threats... These detections occured when I enabled the detection of "potentialy dangerous applications". Regards.
  11. Hello, I think that ESET Smart Security detected false positives on my PC. I go to th equarantine and try to submit these files but it fails and I got the following message you acn see in attached file. How can I do to submit these files ? Thanks.
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