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  1. Its all because You installed ESMC agent before clone. All You have to do is uninstall/install agent, it will get new ID.
  2. Description: add some communication method between era administratorsDetail: Add some MSG Center to dashboard. For example I make some global change on ERA server and want to every other admin see my note / msg. Or lets use smtp server and lets push emails via it to selected administrators (they have emails in details so console could use that) Description: Delete task from station destroys trigger not taskDetail: At this moment when You want to kill scheduled task, You need to find that task, then trigger and delete it there...There is no chance to delete trigger from station view...Delete task from computer view delete task...Thats serious issue...Same thing is with rerun task. It add new one instead of reschedule existing task.
  3. Description: md5 support Detail: ERA should allow You to make a blacklist identied by md5 hash. In our company, sometimes we get information from external sources about files in md5 hashes, but we aren't able to block that kind of files.
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