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  1. ./ueavbe.x86_64.de.linux --accept-license --force-install Warning: Cannot detect operating system type, package won't be installed. Warning: You are probably trying to install ESET Endpoint Antivirus to unsupported distribution. If this is not the case, please use appropriate package manager of your distribution to install extracted packages, e.g.: yum install ./eea- apt-get install ./eea- Extracting: eea- eea- eea- eea- cat /etc/deb
  2. Hallo, Why does Version 7.1.6 only support Suse, Ubuntu and Red Hat? Were is the support for Debian, as in Version 7.0.13? Regards
  3. The newest Google Chrome 79 crashes if ESET NOD32 is running. If I uninstall eset Google Chrome is working fine. If I install Google Chrome 78 and eset is running its also fine an no crashes. OS is Debian 9 or 10 google-chrome-stable 79.0.3945.79-1 Here is what I see on terminal if Google Chrome crashes ../../sandbox/linux/seccomp-bpf-helpers/sigsys_handlers.cc:**CRASHING**:(tg)kill() failure [2831:135:1217/143835.660701:ERROR:command_buffer_proxy_impl.cc(124)] ContextResult::kTransientFailure: Failed to send GpuChannelMsg_CreateCommandBuffer. [2854:151:1217/143837.090861:ER
  4. Every time I edit a bash script and want to save it after execution, it isn't possible. It only works if I completely disable "Real-time file system protection", but only for new files. For existing file I have to reboot the server. Restart of services doesn't work. Is there any solution for that? Disable "Real-time file system protection" cant be the solution.
  5. @MartinK if I install Version 5.3.10 it works. But why I have to use a version from 20-Jan-2018? And why are there are no hints in the docs that a special version must be used?
  6. @Pinni3 yes I use Administrator to login. @MartinK Database version is MySQL 5.7.28-1debian9 libodbc1 is version 2.3.4-1 MySQL Connector is Version 5.3.14 Like Pinni3 said I install ERA Server and not ESMC
  7. Hello, after a fresh install of server and Web-Console and changing the initial password, I cant login in to the Web-Console. The error is: Login failed: Invalid username or password In /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/trace.log I see this message: 2019-11-13 09:30:20 Error: CServerSecurityModule [Thread 7fa115ffb700]: AuthenticateNativeUser: Native user login failed In Tomcat log I see this messages: 13-Nov-2019 10:30:20.968 INFORMATION [SocketLayer worker thread] sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.logger.FileLogWriter.addItem [2019-11-13 10:30:20.968] V2 [
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