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  1. hi all, I have been looking through the documentation but have not been able to find the syntax to enter custom Scan Targets through the scheduler. I want to create an On-Demand scan using the scheduler but want to exclude each users One drive and Sharepoint synced files. There are 100's of Gb and the scan is taking many hours to complete. i also want to exclude any network mapped drives. Was hoping we can do something like this: Exclude C:\Users\*\[Name of SharePoint]
  2. Hi, I am curious to see if anyone can help me with how to configure scheduled scans but stagger them over a time period. There seems to be this ability in the check in times for the management agent. Is there a similar way to do this with the scheduler.
  3. Hi, we are looking to create a dynamic group to sort out Domain Controllers from other server. Does anyone have a solution to using Dynamic groups to accomplish this?
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