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  1. @Marcos Its been a few weeks and i have not seen any component updates. I have verified the settings but non of the clients in my test group have been updated yet. Any advice on what might be missing?
  2. We are struggling to get Auto-Update working via policy in or environment. I confirmed the policy is distributed to the group we are testing on. We are on 8.0.2028.0 and version 8.1.2031.0 shows as available in the Protect console. I don't see anywhere where we can accept the EULA. I was unable to find any info in the documentation on this. Does anyone have any greater information on this or can link to documentation on the process.
  3. Thanks @Marcos, I know you can override local exclusions by "replacing" them with policy. But if you ever remove that enforcement the local policy comes back into play. Is there a way to delete the local exclusions with policy?
  4. I have two questions on a similar topic. Is there a reporting mechanism to query all endpoints with the goal to list all local exclusions set. Is there a way to wipe out local exclusions but still keep the ability without replacing them? If we set the policy based exclusions to replace then we loose the ability to set local policies. We just want to identify what is set out there and do a clean sweep of locally applied exclusions.
  5. I have been looking to change our notifications from e-mail to posting to a teams or slack channel. I can send the e-mails to the channel and they do show up but it is hard to read and you dot get good info without opening the e-mail. so no real benefit then sending to a distribution list. I was looking to see if there was a way to post the notifications through POSTing through connectors and webhooks. Hoping that someone out there has found a way to get this working? Is this on the roadmap for the future?
  6. Marcos, Thanks for your reply. From reading other posts i read mention that the update will apply at the next reboot. Will this allow us to push the update out to users but they will not get the alerts prompting to reboot? Does it schedule the update at the time of next reboot?
  7. Is there any technical documentation on uPCU and how it will change our update processes? What parts of ESET are now able to be automatically updated? just the management agent? or the security product as well?
  8. Hi all hoping someone out there can direct me to the best way of doing this. I'm trying to create a dynamic group for all clients with a version less then the latest. I thought i would just do something like "Installed software . Application version <= "7.3.2039.0" or something like that. It does not appear that there is a less then operator available. If this is not possible then is there a better way to accomplish what I'm trying to do here? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. hi all, I have been looking through the documentation but have not been able to find the syntax to enter custom Scan Targets through the scheduler. I want to create an On-Demand scan using the scheduler but want to exclude each users One drive and Sharepoint synced files. There are 100's of Gb and the scan is taking many hours to complete. i also want to exclude any network mapped drives. Was hoping we can do something like this: Exclude C:\Users\*\[Name of SharePoint]
  10. Hi, I am curious to see if anyone can help me with how to configure scheduled scans but stagger them over a time period. There seems to be this ability in the check in times for the management agent. Is there a similar way to do this with the scheduler.
  11. Hi, we are looking to create a dynamic group to sort out Domain Controllers from other server. Does anyone have a solution to using Dynamic groups to accomplish this?
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