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Triggering Module/Definition Updates on demand


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Hi all, 

We are looking to integrate ESET on some classroom computers that have Faronics Deep Freeze on them.  After reviewing their documentation they recommend that you schedule re-occurring "thaws" in which the computer reboots into a "thawed" state and the AV can can update and be "frozen" back to an immutable state.  

Their recommendation is that when you thaw to kick off a script that pulls the latest definitions from your AV server.  Does anyone have any recommendations on how they have gotten this to work?  I have looked at the help KB on ECMD and it does not look like this functionality is possible through that tool.  

The other option I have through of is a custom policy to schedule the updates via the ESET Scheduler.  I see that this might not be best because the timing of the update and the thaw must be in perfect sync to get the timing right.

Anyone else use these two products together?  Any advice from ESET on how to programmatically kick off a Modules update on demand?

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I haven't used Deep Freeze before but used the windows implementation of the same idea called Unified Write Filter. That allows you to specify certain folders to allow changes to be made. What I've done previously is made the folder that an application would update exempt from freezing. Then there is no need to worry about constantly unfreezing and freezing a computer especially with an anti virus program that will update several times a day. But from what I can see of Deep Freeze doesn't support this feature without redirecting folders which I don't think ESET would be happy about. 

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