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Last connected datetime

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I've looked at the server that the ERA server is installed on as well as the main servers and I'm stumped

as to why when looking at the list of computers, the Last Connected on all the computers show a

timestamp in the future  (currently, it's 14:33 .. but the Last Connected is showing 20:33).


Did I screw up some setting somewhere?





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  • ESET Staff

Time of last connection is stored as UTC time into database, and converted to your local time when viewed in console. Problem may be with:

  • your UTC time configuration on the machine where SERVER is running (please check whether timezone is correctly set)
  • your local time reported by browser when opening Webconsole.
  • your Webconsole user is configured to override local time settings with invalid value (for configuration, check "User settings" by clicking on user's name in upper right corner of Webconsole)
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