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hi, Eset accept to change one of my 5 licences for use with my mac.   Thanks Eset, but...... :wacko:


French canadian version of Eset Cybersecurity for mac is a shame....   Almost everything is in english not in french !!! :blink::angry: :angry: :angry:


I install and uninstall it twice to be sure and yes the french canadian version is not all in french


click on dmg installation file.....  french

verify version....... english

installation mode....... english

live grid....... english

Standard installation....... french

Installation in process....... french

product activation....... english

installation succeed....... french


ok, "continue" button is in french wow....


french canadian user interface........in ENGLISH !!!!   ooppsssss..... Wow I found items in scheduler in french.....  :blink:


I have to choose french version to have all installation process and user interface in french


Please correct that issue  :mellow:   or dont offer french canadian version at all !!

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Hello Piranha,


what are your system language settings?

What is displayed in ESET GUI depends a lot on it.


??  My system language setting is french, according to you Cybersecuriy must be in french too but it is not.   


Sorry but a french version must be in french even if the system language is another one.   Never have a problem with french version of windows nod32 anvirus.     And english or beta nod32 was completely english even when I was running it in french windows system

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Beta versions are always in English. Could you provide us with the complete filename of the DMG? Please make sure it is "eset_cybersecurity_fr_CA.dmg" just as you can donwload it from hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download/home/detail/family/29/#offline,FRC


It is NOT a beta version and yes the installation file is "eset_cybersecurity_fr_CA.dmg" dowload from the web site address you give.

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I've installed this package and it was French. The language is dependent on the system language as system dialogs are used in the program.


May be my english is no good but...... if your mac is in english, according to you, cybersec in anyone language must be in english too !??   Isnt it ??     Explain more if i am wrong.


I download the FRENCH canadian version twice and it was in english.      My OS X (Snow Leopard) is in french.    


Unexplained bug.....

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  • ESET Moderators

Hi @piranha we were able to test and reproduce a similar situation on our Knowledgebase machine for the French installation and here is what we came up with.


It seems that we had the French language selected and not French Canadian (FRC). To choose FRC, we had to add it to the list of available languages (it's not added by default). Once we added and selected FRC, we were able to see all the installation screens in French.


Forgive me if this belabors the point, but for future Forum support inquiries, I will detail how to add FRC:

  1. Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  2. Click Language & Text in the "Personal" section.
  3. If FRC isn't in the list, click Edit List... and scroll about half-way down--select the check box next to Francais canadien.
  4. "Francais canadien" should now be present in the list, click and drag that to the top of the list and Restart your computer.
  5. Now when you install the ESET FRC version it should have all the installation screens in FRC.
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  • 1 month later...

Before come back here, I was upgrade my cybersec with the french canadian version and had the same problem.   Want to noticed it to you but find the solution


you find the problem, I add french canadian as you explain.



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