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  1. (Managed to find my login credentials) 1. Yes, we are taking care of this 2. ESET Deutschland is an official ESET branch and not just a distribution anymore 3. Thank you very much for reporting this!
  2. Beta versions are always in English. Could you provide us with the complete filename of the DMG? Please make sure it is "eset_cybersecurity_fr_CA.dmg" just as you can donwload it from hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download/home/detail/family/29/#offline,FRC
  3. Hi, did you set up SSL scanning while the browser was open and no restart in between? Additionally there might be problems using Mozilla Firefox as their recent versions are using different certificate storage folders. Please provide us with details on the used browser, ESET product version and OS. This could shed a little more light to it.
  4. You may also just click the link that lays behind the version of the signature db. So open the product, navigate to "update" and click the number of the db version (currently 8686).
  5. Update here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/460-eset-scam-email-targetting-german-users/?p=3564
  6. As this incident only affected a certain amount of German users, here's a final statement in German on the investigations and the results - hxxp://www.eset.com/de/about/press/news/article/eset-warnt-vor-gefaelschten-e-mails/
  7. I had that once and the app actually explains the errors sometimes - in my case it was scanning fine except for one profile where a malicious link had been posted and while ESM was scanning that profile, the link was manually removed by my friend. So not always there need to be worries, but I've heard, that ESET might be working on an updated version of ESM already, too...
  8. To me it seems that there's browser-specific ads being infected. If you look at the warning message in the bottom right corner, you'll see a link that points to something like this. ESET is only blocking the ad, you should be able to click the links for "installer" and "portable (zip)" normally. Is that correct?
  9. Seems to be fixed now - at least I just had no problem with accessing and searching the KB. Maybe a short and now gone outage?
  10. Could you please be a little more specific? This will help us a lot with solving your request. 1) What kind of a scan did you perform? For example, if it was a "right-mouse-click" (context menu) scan, it does only scan and not clean, you should choose the option "Clean with ESET..." and this could already explain what happened. 2) Which detections were found? In some cases sophisticated infections can't be cleaned without a reboot and so on. You could export a log entry by navigating to "Tools > Logfiles > On-Demand Scans" and right-clicking the entry. 3) Wich ESET product in which version are you using on which operating system and platform? (For example "ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6.0.316 on Windows 7 64 bit")
  11. Hi, 1) the link points to the development environment of the KB and should be corrected to hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3287 2) this is not the version yet supporting MS Exchange 2013, correct? Regards, Tommi
  12. Exactly, thanks Bart - I have a different language version installed - my fault - sorry!
  13. Hello, have you already run an In-Depth-Scan of your whole system (NOT Smart-Scan, but User-defined)? If not, please do so to find the source of the infections...
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