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ESET Server products for Windows have been released for version 6.4

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Service Releases for ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server, ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server for Azure and ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino have been released and are available to download.

Released Products

The following are the released version 6.4 Windows Server products:

  • ESET Mail Security 6 for Microsoft Exchange 6.4.10007.0
  • ESET File Security 6 for Microsoft Windows Server 6.4.12002.0
  • ESET File Security 6 for Microsoft Windows Server Azure VM extension 6.3.12010.1000 (ERA Agent 6.4.263)
  • ESET Mail Security 6 for IBM Domino 6.4.14002.0

Known Issues

For a detailed list of known issues, see Known issues for version 6 ESET business products.


ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 6.4.10007.0

  • Added: All nodes of an ESET cluster consisting of ESET Mail Security 6 for Microsoft Exchange Server can now share greylisting records in order to minimize delivery delays across multiple servers
  • Added: Mainstream sender anti-spoofing and mail validation mechanisms were implemented, namely Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Added: Access right management in Mail Quarantine Web interface
  • Added: Automatic discovery and exclusion of passive database copies
  • Added: Suspicious mail containment policy with delayed reputation checks to detect and validate the edge of fresh spam waves
  • Improved: Recipient validation option with Active Directory in both mail processing rules and local quarantine
  • Improved: Import and export functionality of domain-to-IP lists
  • Improved: Automatic bypass of mail processing rules for messages manually released from quarantine
  • Improved: Transport protection layer can now inspect and quarantine individual mail attachments
  • Improved: New mail processing rule condition aimed to assist in more effective spoofed sender detection
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server 6.4.12002.0

  • Added: Automatic exclusions to support Skype for Business
  • Added: Licensing option for session-based Remote Desktop Services when installed on Terminal Server (functionality added but the licensing options may not be immediately available in all markets)
  • Fixed: Hyper-V scan of online virtual machine will not be executed if other than first logical drive is selected as scan target
  • Fixed: Creating infected files in a shared network folder with enabled “Network drives scan” does not trigger alarm during initial (write) phase
  • Fixed: Hyper-V scan is inactive on technical preview versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Fixed: Various bugs in eShell command line console
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server for Azure 6.4.12002.1000 (bundled with ERA Agent

  • Added: Azure configuration section of VM extension now accepts definition file to allow automatic connection to existing ESET Remote Administrator using pre-bundled agent binary (

ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino 6.4.12002.0

  • Added: Ability to move message attachments into quarantine during transport
  • Improved: Added recipients list to an additional column for the quarantine template
  • Fixed: Scanning mail body with the encoding content type “uuencoded” gives scanning module errors and possible scanning crash
  • Fixed: Missing relevant log events in ESET Remote Administrator reports
  • Fixed: Missing information in the Mail server protection log (“Protection Type” and “Reason”) with temporary rejecting of undermined messages enabled
  • Fixed: Various bugs in eShell command line console 

Upgrade to Latest Version
For links to corresponding ESET Knowledgebase articles for upgrading your product to the latest version, see the following:

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Edited EFSW for Azure ext. version number to reflect current build available
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