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Push Uninstall of NOD32

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Hi All,


Very new to ERA.


I cannot figure out how to push uninstall all of our systems running NOD32 (home version).


If I use the Software Uninstall and choose 3rd party it removes things I would rather leave on like Malwarebytes.


If I use the ESET Endpoint Antivirus (which the targets are not, but same family?) I get "task failed, try to uninstall software manually".


The Agent IS installed on these systems.


Thank you for any insight you may have to offer!





(alternatively, should I be doing this via command line?  push an uninstall command via the agent?  if so, what command?)





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  • ESET Staff

What version is this home edition? It is possible that you will have to use ESETUninstaller to get rid of this product.

Is there any kind of password protection enabled in case it is available for this type of product?

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  • ESET Staff

It is possible to uninstall versions of ESET Smart Security / NOD32 Antivirus Home editions using software uninstall task.

Current version of the webconsole ( has a bug, that when you use "software uninstall" task, and instead of "remove 3rd party product" select "remove application from list" you do not see other than business products.

This will be fixed next week.


Currently, there is a workaround, that you can go to client details, check the installed apps (you have to report all installed apps using ERA agent policy), choose the selected package, and click uninstall.

This example below, will uninstall selected instance of ESET Smart Security Premium V10 (early release version available in Slovakia / Czech Republic only), but it will work the same for older versions as well.




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