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Exclusions of Mapped Drives/Folders Does not Work


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RE: NOD32 9.0.381  

Issue:  When Scan Network Drives is ON under Real Time Protection,  Exclusions under Real Time Exclusions of Mapped Folders does NOT work.

Example:  The following is added to Setup, Computer Protection, Real Time, Edit Exclusions:  F:\FOLDER1\*.*
Result:  Running an Eicar.com file on the workstation at this location results in an Antivirus detection and deletion.

Summary:  When Scan Network Drives is On, exclusions of mapped drives or folders does not work!

The only way to exclude network shares is to uncheck "Scan Network Drives".  Exclusions do not override this as expected.

I consider this a bug or at least a warning should be present in exclusions that you can not exclude network drives or folders with exclusions.


Thank You.

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