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Proper way to up-vote, or "Me Too"


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I'm new to this forum ... what is the proper way to up-vote a topic/idea/enhancement so that it's brought to the attention of ESET staff? For example, many product forums have a button to register a vote for a suggested enhancement, or to indicate that "I'm also having this problem". Does simply adding a reply, "I'm also having this problem", get anyone's attention?

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hello, and welcome to the forum.
unfortunately, there isn't a way to directly/permanently put a new topic to the top of the list so everyone can see it. however, when a topic gets a new answer, it goes directly to the top of the list, and it's visible by everyone.


if you want to provide feedback for the development team, use this link.
click> Home User & Small Office Support and then click> Other question or feedback (none of the above), and then fill in the fields and provide the feedback.

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That's a good way to get in direct contact with our customer care team, but not necessarily our development team.


If you see anything in our "Future changes to..." threads (Like the one here for Smart Security or here for NOD32 Antivirus) that you agree with or would also like to see, feel free to click the green up arrow button in their response. That's one way to "Vote this post up"


There's also nothing wrong with replying to their response, quoting it, and adding your voice to also wanting to see this idea or enhancement implemented or letting us know you're also having that problem. Both will work. 


With other threads, where someone's posted about a specific issue that matches one you're also having, it's good to read through the responses, try the suggested solutions (or the best answer if there is one) and if none of them have resolved the issue for you, let us know by replying to the same thread and sharing any information (non-personal of course) that you think might be helpful in narrowing down the potential cause/solution for our community of tech/moderators. It's in working together that we reach our goals and help everyone find resolution. :)


Thanks and glad you've joined us!

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