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  1. I'm new to this forum ... what is the proper way to up-vote a topic/idea/enhancement so that it's brought to the attention of ESET staff? For example, many product forums have a button to register a vote for a suggested enhancement, or to indicate that "I'm also having this problem". Does simply adding a reply, "I'm also having this problem", get anyone's attention?
  2. I'm also having this issue and hope they get it fixed soon. Since we're talking about a *secure* browser here, I would hope/expect that password managers float to the top of priority list for whitelisting. 1. How are notifications made for whitelist changes? (how do I know when Lastpass has been whitelisted?) 2. or, as they are whitelisted, do extensions in my "non-secure" browser automatically get loaded in the secure version? I like the secure browser idea that ESET has developed, but current user experience is a little confusing
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