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Mail Security 6.3 Cloud Blacklist

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Hi there,


I upgraded a customer to Mail Security 6.3 last week and since then lots of legit emails are being detected as spam.


What I've noticed in the logs is the entry "URL (domain.com) found on cloud blacklist", with domain.com being the customers own domain name, and it's affecting reply emails, so Eset is picking the domain name out of the email signature I'm guessing.


The thing is I cannot find what blacklist this domain is on and I am not convinced it is one. I spoke to Eset support and he couldn't find it any blacklists and also couldn't tell me what the 'cloud blacklist' is, 


I've added the domain to 'Ignored Body Domain list' which has made no difference. I'm not using any RBL or DNSBL servers.


Can anyone offer any help or advice?







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I ended up opening a ticket with Eset and they 'reclassified it as HAM' and now it is OK, but they confirmed the domain (avocetuk.com) wasn't on any of their blacklists, or any other blacklists.


I'm a bit concerned about this mysterious 'cloud blacklist' as other legit domains are being blocked and I cannot find them on any blacklists...? another example being: "URL (barrons-bds.com) found on cloud blacklist"




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I have the same problem with blocked IPs from clients and providers, it is solved by adding to the allowed list, but you should specify your cloud blacklists in case you need to remove them from them.

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