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I note that my Windows 8 firewall is 'being managed by Eset SmartSecurity'.

Does this mean that the Windows firewall is completely deactivated?

Also, the Eset Personal firewall setting is at 'automatic'. Is this adequate? Or should I select 'Learning' or 'Interactive' ?

Thanks for any advice.

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Unsure if Windows firewall is totally disabled, but as long as ESET is managing it I would not worry. Automatic mode is fine for most users. It requires minimum involvement. The following is from your help menu:


Automatic mode – The default mode. This mode is suitable for users who prefer easy and convenient use of the firewall without the need to define rules. Custom, user-defined rules can be created but are not required in Automatic mode. Automatic mode allows all outbound traffic for a given system and blocks most inbound traffic (except some traffic from the Trusted Zone, as specified in IDS and advanced option/Allowed services and inbound traffic responding to recent outbound communications).

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