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  1. Just to be sure - so now in 'Ports used' we should have '443, 0-65535' ?
  2. am_dew Here's what I did... Go into Eset 'set up' then 'advanced setup' (bottom right) Select 'Web access protection' then expand 'Web Protocols' In 'ports used by https protocol' delete '0-65535' leaving '443'.
  3. I've returned the SSL/TSL filtering to 'automatic' and deleted the '0-65535' so that 443 remains alone and chromecast is now recognised. So, is it considered ok to leave it like that or should the '0-65535' only be deleted when you want to cast and re-entered at other times? If so seems a problem that needs fixing by Eset. 😐
  4. I've selected 'interactive mode' but no filter queries ever come up for 'Chromecast' even when I select 'cast'. There are dozens of 'google chrome' hits while on various sites but nothing mentioning chromecast ever appears. Anyone know how to force a filter query for chromecast?
  5. I went into 'List of SSL/TLS filtered applications' selected C:\Program Files(86)\Google\Chrome\application\chrome.exe and then selected 'ignore'.
  6. Thanks for the input Itman. I've just disabled Eset's SSL/TLS protocol scanning Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe and my Chromecast is now recognised. ☺️ Looks like that may be the problem. Is leaving this disabled likely to cause any problems or major vulnerabilities?
  7. Marcos, Itman, Thanks for replies. I think the problem has started with the latest version. Tried all the suggestions but the problem remains. (Itman, the chromecast was not listed as blocked)
  8. I have recently installed version of Eset Security. After installing it I could not connect with my Google Chromecast device. ('no device found' error message when casting) If I uninstall Eset I can connect no problem. I contacted Chromecast and was told that I was the 4th person in the last few days to have experienced this problem when using Eset. I've tried reinstalling Eset but the problem continues. So Eset may be a no go if there is no fix. Is Eset aware of this and is there a fix for this?
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