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Parent-Child Policies equivalent for ERA 6?

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ERA5 had very straightforward process when creating Parent >> Child policies. For Version 6.x what would be the best way at going at this. 

For example. Customer has his Master policy in ERA6 which applies to all his workstations. He wants to apply strict WEB CONTROL policies for a specific group (about 15 computers). 

I know that you can only have one computer per static group. Would you need to create a dynamic group for the CHILD policy ?  Would this dynamic group override any of the other policies that are in the MASTER Static Policy ? 

Thank you for your time. 

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I would recommend you to consult a specific "Policies" section in Help

Basically, each setting has two possible flags - apply & force.

In case setting is set in "apply" it can be over-written by a policy applied later (you can have multiple policies on the same group, but even on the same client) + the policy application order also reflects the hierarchical structure of your groups.


Customer can do it in a way, that he either:

  • apply the general policy on the group "all"
  • creates a specific static group with that 15 clients, and apply the "strict web-control policy" on this group


  • apply the "strict webcontrol policy" directly on those 15 clients.


Dynamic groups are evaluated by agent, based on the pre-defined criteria. They can be used for automation of specific actions, and policies could be applied also by dynamic group membership. But you will have to define exact criteria, by which the computer will fit into the particular group.


What is also needed to consider, that lists are currently treated as "one setting". Meaning the entire set of webcontrol rules in "strict webcontrol policy" would overwrite the set of rules in "general policy".

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