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ESET Mail Security Exchange cert error

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I have install the Mail Security on two Exchange 2016 servers.  But I found I can't scan the mailbox database. It shows " Failed to load public folders. Server certificate error" as attachment.


I'm sure our Exchange Public Cert is ok, and the public folders is also ok. I don't know why mail security shows that, waiting for your opinion, thanks!





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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, please check whether you have set the database scan parameters for EWS public folder access correctly.


Also, check the certificate, its validity, hostname, correct date and time set on the machine, etc...

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  • Administrators

Same problem here, opened a ticket a week ago regarding this issue and did not get any reply yet. 


Have you checked the links above? Do you have valid credentials to access the database set?

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I had the exact same problem and when the posted links failed I decided to do some digging of my own. The answer is actually very simple.


  • Open Mail security
  • Enter advanced menu (F5)
  • Under "Server" section:
  • On-demand database scan:
  • "Set" User Password
  • Click on "Assign"
  • SSL ON
  • Ignore server cert error ON
  • Below Client Certificate, click "select" and choose the active certificate in use on exchange. Check either in EAC or IIS Bindings if you aren't sure which to select.


After that you should be able to start a scan successfully.

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