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error when updating ESET Endpoint Antivirus by ERA

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Hi everybody,


I use ESET products for a long time now, but I never had a problem I couldn't resolve by myself.

I try to update my ESET Endpoint Antivirus by deploying the package 6.3.2016.2 FR.fr by ERA, but it fails. In the computer's log I only found this line :


Error: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread a60]: Software installation failed: Package is corrupted or incomplete


and nothing in the server's log (only this) :


Information: CReplicationModule [Thread 10d8]: CReplicationManager: Accepted potential replication connection from 'host: "pcw7tnsfr.inrs.fr" port: 49887' (product type: 1)


Do someone have any clue ?


Thank you.



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Are you getting the above mentioned error repeatedly ? Could you capture the http communication with Wireshark after you send the software install task to the client and pm me a download link?

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