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"Pause Firewall" tray option disappears

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I recently updated to ESS 9.0.375.0 on Win 10 64bit unbranded desktop, and noticed one unpleasant bug:


Pause Firewall option is no longer visible among ESS icon RMC Menu options in System Tray. The only relevant option shown is Pause Protection. However, once I pause protection, Pause Firewall and Block All Network Traffic options become visible. I don't observe this bug on my Win 10 64-bit laptop, it shows all above options in System Tray for the same version ESS icon.


Can someone suggest, if it can be fixed on the user end?

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Is the firewall actually enabled in the main setup -> Personal firewall - Enable personal firewall?

Are all the following drivers reported as running when you run the following commands from the command prompt started with administrator rights?


sc query epfw

sc query epfwlwf

sc query epfwwfp

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