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    zamar27 received kudos from EnjoyBoast in VPN & Eset Firewall Setup   
    Many Windows VPN clients don't have own Firewall or Kill Switch. A VPN Client usually creates a virtual network adapter or MiniPort, which is used by the client instead of physical Ethernet or WiFi adapter, thus creating a separate "Network Connection" in Eset Firewall. Please advice how to best configure Eset Firewall in a way, that all traffic from the PC would pass only through VPN, and any other traffic outside VPN is blocked by Eset Firewall?
    Also, when VPN connection is temporarily interrupted, Eset Firewall should block all PC traffic on all adapters until the VPN connection is restored.
    Can you also explain whether Eset does Real Time Protection on traffic passing through the VPN virtual adapter? If yes, is it done after the traffic has passed the adapter and was decrypted by VPN Client?
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