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  1. Same endless headache here. Eset staff doesn't acknowledge the issue exists, and therefore there is nothing to fix. 😉 Very convenient!
  2. If you ask about "Firewall in Interactive Mode On/Off bug", its more complex than your basic case. I can't repeat your case, since I already have plenty of rules created in Interactive mode. In addition, I mostly use VPN when browsing the web due to local WiFi insecurity. And any VPN client uses its own virtual adapter, so the network adapter is changed, when switching VPN client on and off. - Suppose you have rules created for many different apps in Interactive mode, as well as Win 10 default activities like DNS traffic etc. - Eset Firewall is active. Disable VPN, browse the web. Launch some apps like Movies & TV, MS Word... They check for updates, send telemetry to big brother. - Now switch Firewall off and keep working on the web, its at times required when accessing certain sites or for testing certain apps or things not related to Eset. Work 30 min to 2 hours, as if you forget to switch Firewall back on. - Now switch Firewall back on to Interactive mode. Enable VPN again. Launch different apps, they will start checking for updates, send telemetry. System starts checking DNS and the router. - Now all previously created rules during several months are ignored. Firewall asks all permissions again. - Log off Windows. Eset will exit. Logon back to Windows. Eset will start firewall in Interactive mode. The rules are still ignored, when you start different apps etc, or change VPN mode. - Reboot the PC. Now everything is back to normal. Eset will start at launch in Interactive mode, all previous rules are honored. This is a real headache, every time you need to stop Firewall, you must later reboot the PC to get its functionality back. The bug now shows up 100% of all attempts, no exceptions. I periodically do comprehensive PC cleanup, but it doesn't affect this bug. As a related matter, why not add Auto Enable feature to Firewall after temporarily being Paused, similar to Pausing Protection? People often forget to re-enable it after lengthy pausing.
  3. This bug was reported for awhile. When its going to be fixed? Does Eset have a Bug Tracker accessible by users similar to Bugzilla?
  4. So it makes sense to upgrade to Win 10. One can read more about protected processes in Protecting Anti-Malware Services.
  5. The problem is, I don't want to get rid of this app, as it conveniently and reliably blocks Cam and/or Mic access at driver level as I choose. It looks we are back here to Application Control issue. What Eset module causes this particular popup? Can I add blocking this URL as a new Rule to suppress the popup?
  6. I will post it with logs, but the address is always exactly the same, it looks like the started app tries to load some script from the website, may be update check or such? Of course its not related to Webcam protection, I just posted it as an example of annoying popups coming up every time, and no way to stop them. 😊 What Eset module is engaged here?
  7. Thanks for pointing to that option. But I think, the issue is a bit more generic. Look at screenshot below, this popup comes each time the app is autostarted at Windows boot. How would I get rid of this one? Another issue is, the user would be expected to master in-depth knowledge on Eset functions and UI to get to the bottom of it. As a bonus, its a good thing to learn more about PC protection modes, but can an average Joe do that? Or instead he would press the Forum Panic button - the big red one?
  8. I think there's misunderstanding here. Once the rule is created, Eset remembers it fine. But it still shows a popup each time Skype is launched, informing access to webcam was allowed. What I suggest is adding a checkbox on such kind of popups "Don't show again". 😊 However, its not really that annoying, when popup time is set to 5 sec if important from marketing prospective.
  9. I think what the OP wanted to ask: how to suppress repeated notifications? Like about the same program accessing your webcam, or when the same URL is always blocked when starting a certain application etc. I too seen the same popups coming each and every time. While most users have no intention to suppress relevant Eset protections, it would reduce annoying aspect of popups by offering a checkbox on them "Don't show again". For example, Skype users can read one time "Skype access to webcam was allowed" after they allowed it, but many would prefer to not read it every time when launching Skype. In fact, Eset in Firewall Interactive Mode doesn't show popups "Access to a website was allowed based on previously saved rule". Same "no annoyances" notification logic should persist throughout other Eset modules, except when repeat notification is required or preferred by user. As the product gets more diverse and complex, it does require more coherent notifications control.
  10. Hi Marcos, IMHO this forum will only benefit from some share of humor. Its not really a generic panic button, but rather a place to make people interested in Eset protection tech, and give you some bugs feedback. Also I found improper that some folks suddenly allowed to mentor others while refusing to address the OP concerns. Why this offtop is allowed here?
  11. Pls post screenshots marking problem areas in red circle. I beg you sir. 😂
  12. Check next time if these files are Read Only, and your user has Write permissions.
  13. What's the difference btw OBJECTS and FILES in Real-time File System Protection? Why FILES are separated to Additional Threatsense Parameters? 😉
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