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  1. Switch Eset Firewall to Interactive Mode. As to making any updates or adding new features, I've an impression they decided to cut dev positions and projects in Firewall department, so the only thing I see Marcos posting is "we are not aware of any issues with Eset Firewall" - period. When you report bugs, they refuse to document them to support that answer. Existing documented bugs are not fixed for several years and counting - people pointed to it over and over on this forum, while Markos kept repeating "we are not aware" right in the same thread, as if he is unable to read previous posts.
  2. One such issue was described in Eset Firewall Bugs and multiple similar threads, I now can't find in Archive because full user posts History is not preserved on this forum. Eset Firewall fails to restore settings in Interactive Mode after firewall is switched off while VPN is enabled, and then switched on while VPN tunnel is disabled, or vice versa. Another issue is described in Switching on/off VPN causes lengthy ESET checks. When VPN tunnel (Windscribe being a VPN package example) is switched on or off (in particular when internet browser is open with multiple tabs), it triggers the system to change Windows network adapter, and causes excessive and lengthy CPU and HDD activity by Eset each time (not by the system or browser), as there is no Learning mechanism in Eset for such VPN events. Same activity happens when a user changes VPN server from the same provider's list, as it triggers changing IP address of the Windows VPN network adapter.
  3. Consumer VPN use is widespread now. Eset 12 has many bugs related to VPN use, and the devs are negligent in fixing these bugs. In fact they're never fixed for years, and the impression is, Eset package is simply not tested by devs to be continuously used in consumer VPN environment. Eset also has no controls or interface features related to VPN use. Examples are regular excessive lengthy Eset CPU and HDD load when switching VPN on and off. Also Eset Firewall failure to restore settings in Interactive Mode after firewall is switched off while VPN is enabled, and then switched on while VPN is disabled, or vice versa. When reading Eset Help docs, the impression is Eset team purposely ignores the overwhelming trend on the consumer market during last years of using VPN, and devotes no technical or knowledge base articles to this very issue. Further, when contacting Eset support, they bring every fake reason to refuse investigating issues related to Eset failures to work properly in VPN environment. In Help docs, Eset writers make it look that VPN is only used and of interest to enterprise market, and consumers should not ask any questions, or report any bugs related to Eset consumer products systematically failing for years to work properly with VPN. Instead of saying "Thank you" for reporting never fixed bugs, Eset reps claim they can't find one's license, or its expired, or how it was obtained etc, trying to find a reason to refuse the bugs investigation. Meanwhile, reporting bugs is users free gift to Eset, and the bugs must be fixed to benefit all paying and testing product customers, regardless who reported them and under what conditions. Most large companies have Bug trackers where anyone can enter bugs, it does NOT require any license proof at all, because bug reports are free donations to the very rich Eset company, allowing it to get ever richer. On this forum, Eset reps also systematically ignore all user posts and threads related to VPN issues with Eset. This seems to be thick culture within Eset company of aggressively ignoring and denying existence of burgeoning consumer VPN market, thus making Eset less and less attractive to consumers despite cosmetic changes in slightly updated new product versions. I know my post will be deleted, ignored again, or attacked by Eset paid guns, who also attacked them in the past, while Eset has no intention to change this ill long obsolete culture of ignoring consumer VPN market.
  4. Is it possible in the next ESS version to add "Remove Threat" or "Select Action" button to a last scan log of each scan type, even if a user did not select any action immediately after the scan was completed and instead rebooted the PC? In this scenario, if ESS removed a threat upon reboot, the Action button would no longer be visible against this threat in the log. If the treat file was later manually moved by a user to another folder, upon selecting an Action the user would get an Error "no file found". Also, a user should be able to select multiple threats from the log to choose a common action. Now there's a problem with manual threat removal. I scanned my PC yesterday, and got a long list of "potentially unwanted application - action selection postponed until scan completion" records in the Eset Smart Scan Log done with default settings (i.e. Default Cleaning Level - no auto removal of unwanted apps). BUT... there was no way upon scan completion to choose an unwanted app from the log and select an Action!!! In addition, probably due to ESS yesterday's module update, my PC went to sleep and failed to wake up properly, so I needed to reboot. Upon reboot I could access the last ESS log, BUT... there're again NO ways to select any action (like: Remove) in that Log window or any other window. Why then I did the 2-hour scan, if no ways to do any action after that?
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