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  1. Aight, thanks a lot man. i really like the eset staff eset best anti-virus!
  2. May i get a anwser please? im a bit of anxious person so a fast anwser would really help
  3. I already scanned my pc multiple times [it all came out clean], My windows etc. are up-to-date but, i dont know how to check if my router is safe
  4. Sooo,,, Do you guys think im 100% safe? If not how can i stop this arp thing?
  5. i also checked my arp table and none of them have the same address. Just saying because a website i read told me if 2 of them have same physical address it was probably a ARP attack
  6. Im not getting the notifaction anymore, it just happened once yesterday and i just wanted to know if im safe or not
  7. I believe this is a false alarm since it went off after me turning wifi off and on. Also sorry man but i cant download the log collector, can you help me via this post?
  8. Thanks for the anwser, but i'm afraid that i think my case is something more unique. This also happened the same day last year.
  9. Hell, it was even in the same day. [well not the same day,but 3 day difference]
  10. Hello, today i got a warning saying i was being under arp cache attack. This happened again to me last year in same month. Im guessing this is a false alarm but i wanna play it safe, Any professionals can help me with whats going on? [the warning popped up only once]
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