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SSL is not being filtered in Firefox x64 on Win10, ESET SS 9.0.349.14 x64

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I use Win10 x64 Pro && ESET SS 9.0.349.14 x64 && Firefox x64 44.0.2.
I've tried everything to get SSL filtering working with FF, but ESET simply doesn't filter it. SSL certificate in FF is missing, as well as Firefox executable from %ProgramFiles% on ESET SSL filtered programs list. On EICAR tests using HTTP file access is blocked in browser (access denied) while using HTTPS files are blocked in %temp%.


How to resolve this?


BTW: using ESET website I send a question to support:



Are you guys sure that ESET SS9 imports SSL certificate to Firefox x64 correctly?
In my case I had to do it manually.




and got the following reply:



You have contacted the Nordic Support and I can't find you in our system.
That might be because you don't live in a Nordic country.
For assistance with your issue, please contact your local ESET support partner.
You can find a full list of ESET partners on the following page:


[Ticket#101058040352] [sR] SSL cert import to Firefox x64

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Try the following:

- restart the computer (do not launch any application)

 - disable SSL/TLS scanning and click OK

- enable SSL/TLS scanning and click OK

- launch a browser

- download the eicar test file from https://secure.eicar.org/eicar_com.zip


Is it detected by web protection? If not, do you get an error when attempting to open an htt ps website in a browser? If so, what does the error read?

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I am having no problems with ESS 9.0.375.0 and Firefox x64 45 RC2. I doubt it is a compatibility issue with Firefox x64. I still hate that this forum lets me type out a reply and then dumps it and tells me I'm not logged in. I'm sure there are options for the admin to somehow disable the reply box or force a login rather than letting me waste the time and effort. :wacko:

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