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ESET Installer 9.0.349.0 Email Problem


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Hi there, i found this problem quite some times now, but i did not have time to recreate the situation,


and now today, im installing ESET for my customer, but then when it camw to email section, it says there "email is invalid"


i do some research and and found out that if the email are too long, then it suddenly said "email is invalid".


for example from one of my client contain 19 word for example: abcdefghijklmnopqr92@yahoo.com.


I have check and confirmed that it does happened to all my customer that have long email address. And yes of course their email is valid.


Can you confirmed the issue?

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Which setting do you mean that doesn't accept long email addresses?


Hi, during first registration for the full products. Where it ask for details such as name phone email address  country etc.

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