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Hello all,


In last 15 days I was a problem with Shell&ServicesEngine. It causes various problems on my computer such as, blocking some applications from accessing the Internet (Viber on PC) and it also sometimes closes my Google Chrome, causes slow network connection, and display unwanted ads when go to open in new tab link.

I use NOD32 Antivirus 8 with every day update virus database. Reason because I write on this forum NOD32 didn't succeed in remove or detecting the malware. On the Internet I also didn't find anything useful.

I tried to manually remove the folder, registry keys, and stop service but Shell&ServicesEngine always returns when start PC.


I attach picture with 2 process name from Task Manager. Also in description on file wrote hxxp://jserrors.infoas Help, Support and Update info but this web site need login and look weird.

Also start service Shell&ServicesEngine.



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  • ESET Staff

Hi @ota,


Well the detection of ESET depends in some cases if you enable or not the PUA detection. Is high suggestion you

must activate this to stop adware.


ESET KB: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3204/?viewlocale=en_US


Also, those large numbers are suspicious, is not "normal" in a program.

Chek your installed programs and see if related to something.

Can you post the list of your installed programs?

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Thanks Gonsalo,


Yes PUA is enabled, but did not detect anything, in last two days i was fond on net some articles about this malware, but nothing  important about remove this.

I attach preview list of my istalled programs, were is Shell&ServicesEngine 3.0.3 and in bottom of picture info about this program. Every time when i uninstall this program, this weird malware run itself and install it again.  :(


I was found that link with removal instruction, but for unknown reason this malware return again. Bad lucky



I don know why eset not include this malware-adware in virus definition. 


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @ota,


I suggest you try with  "Uninstall tool" or other program which after uninstall the program

tracks down the links and remove them too.

If this software resist to be uninstalled, I suggest you try directly the "force uninstall".


The "re-install" option can be triggered by a registry key, a call to other executable on the Startup menu

or something else.


If the uninstall tool fails, consider to make a ESET SysInspector report and upload to safe location,

and past me the link. I should take a look.


Let us know the results.


Side note: my name is with "Z" ;)

Edited by Gonzalo Alvarez
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