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Mobile Device Connector Splatted

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I'm in the ERA, latest version, I think - I'm not sure how to find the installed version on the latest ERA.  When I click the "?" icon, I'm taken to this page:hxxp://help.eset.com/era_admin/62/en-US/?client_tasks_enrollment_device.htm


Anyway - I'm working on setting things up and in the mobile device connector, I have the option to select one and a red splat:




This means that I have no Mobile Device Connectors selected, so I click on the select button and I have a page that shows no computers available for this:




The machine running the ERA stuff is a Windows 10 machine.   The firewall is turned off right now, and if I try to install the Mobile device connector (MDMCore_x64.msi) I'm greeted with the following message:





Problem is that I am an administrator on this machine:




So I cancel that error and I click on the next button in the setup wizard and I get a screen that one gets when something is already installed:




So I'm missing something somewhere, but I can't seem to root out what that is.  I think the connector was installed when I put the ERA console on here.


So I'm not sure why the connector isn't showing up as an option.





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  • ESET Staff



in your main clients view you should see MDM icon next to computer you installed it on. Icon presence is based on the same data, so make sure it actually works. In case compute is not reporting installed MDM, please make sure AGENT installed on this machine is actually connecting/running (last connection time?). Maybe also AGENT trace.log could help.


PS: about missing privileges: even when your account has administrator privileges you have to run repair using "Run as Administrator" in order to avoid mentioned warning. It informs you that repair wizard won't be able to show you values currently in effect, but once you select new ones, wizard will ask you for administrator permissions (UAC) and proceed.

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