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Trying to renew, installer tells me it's already the latest version

Guest JJ

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You just have to change username/password, no need to (re)install new product.


   "How do I enter my Username and Password in ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus?"





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as PodrskaNORT noted - if you have the latest version, you don't need to do anything - except check that your username + password are correct - if you renewed with a reseller like us, or with ESET - the username + password will probably remain the same - within a short time period, the license is extended by the 1 or 2 years you purchased on your renewal - and there is nothing to do.  However, if you switched product (say ESET Antivirus to ESET Smart Security) - then you generally get a NEW username + password - which you will get from ESET in an email - and we generally send out a personalized email as well to all customers.


If you haven't had the email - check your junk folder - in case it was filtered incorrectly.


Every once in a while we get people who place renewals online - and the buy the wrong renewal - when that happens, we have to email them and ask them if they meant to change - and sometimes there is a difference to be paid - ie, you cannot just renew ESET Smart Security into ESET Antivirus - and buying the wrong renewal is the biggest cause of delays we see issuing renewal licenses.  Customers then seem to think it's our fault that they bought the wrong renewal... which we don't really think is accurate or fair - but we're all working to ensure it's quick and easy to renew the license - it helps to know what you have and what you want to renew - if they're the same, it is quick and easy - if they are different, allow a few days to get the changes made.



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