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"Welcome to Office:mac 2011" window won't go away

Guest Juan S Garcia

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Guest Juan S Garcia

Un able to make a “Welcome screen from Office:Mac 2011” to disappear from the desktop. No buttons (red or yellow) in the window.  I tried to restart my imac but “outlook” does not allow the imac to restart. I clicked the outlook tab and I don’t get any options (no dropdown commands). I did shut it down with the power button but when I turned it back on the window still there.  Even though the window looks authentic I am afraid that it might be a virus.  These are the options that the windows offer:

            Enter your purchased key

            Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription

            Try Office 365, including Office for Mac


            Use Office to view your files for free…


I don’t know how this got there and I am not interested in this offer. What should I do…

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