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One of our user had CD of ESS version 7 and started the installation in windows 7. While setup, If installer is older the we get the tick option to download the latest version and install.


So I selected the same and setup has started to download latest version, after successful download I get version 9 installed in client system.


But now GUI shows some message on the home screen that Anti-Phising protection is non functional and I can see only Computer protection and Internet protection under Setup tab. There is no Network protection and Security tool inside Setup tab. Update also is not happening it shows update has not been run yet. Tried to update but nothing happens.


The above issue happens many times when we upgrade the version while installation or with online installer.


Nothing was working so I decided to uninstall ESS version 9 from the system but I'm unable to get ESET in Program menu and also not getting in Appwizard.


Then I restarted system in safe to uninstall ESET with uninstaller tool but now system is not getting started just rebooting after logon window.


You can see the images of ESET Home page and Setup Tab.


Please check and provide the solution.



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If you go to Setup -> Internet protection, which modules are disabled? Only Anti-Phishing protection?


Yes Anti-Phishing & Web access protection is disabled and other protections are not available.

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I am not getting any error message.


When I click on the switch in front of that particular module, it prompts me to pause that module and shows the time and OK button. Same like when we try to disable module.

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