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  1. Hi, Facing issue while activating Endpoint Client AV using remote task. Client is using ERA 6.4 and AV 6.4 while giving activation task it goes fail. Client AV doesnt have internet access, we have setup apache http proxy. Then tried activating AV individually but unable to activate. Gives error unable to reach to activation server We ran V9ActivationTroubleshooter provided by support[at]eset.com again tried activation and its successful. Here I am attaching the logs checked on 2 different workstation within the same network. Since this is the only solution, can we save the file on network path & use run command from ERA to execute this file on client workstations with fix syntex 1 V9ActivationTroubleshooter.txt 2 V9ActivationTroubleshooter.txt
  2. Yes it is connecting.. Even task shows successful...
  3. 3 days has passed but no reply.... No one at ESET is active on forum to reply...
  4. One of our customer has installed ERA 6 on windows 8 system. Firstly he has added NFR license on ERA and then activated few Clients AV, after some days later he received his new license, so he removed NFR license from ERA & added new license and then again triggered activation task from server selecting new license, even after successful task, client expiry date and license detail doesn't change in client AV. Also tried activating license on individual client but same issue. I tried activating remotely and separately on client system but same issue. Screenshot of the client details as follows: Screesnshot_1: Client PC, still showing old license after activating with new license remotely. Screesnshot_2: Client PC, still showing old license after activating with new license remotely and separate activation on Client. Screesnshot_3: Client PC, Showing new license activated individually (No remote task) Screesnshot_4: New License uploaded on ERA. Screesnshot_5: Activation Task created with new license. Screesnshot_6: Task finished Successfully but still Expiry date doesn\'t change (Clients are screenshot_1 & 2)
  5. Issue with the latest VSDB update After rolling back the update, issue is resolved.
  6. Thanks Alvarez I guess the link is broken...
  7. Thanks, But I need article or some reference where it is documented.
  8. Does SQL server requires genuine license? Is there any article or kb link on this?
  9. Yeah I have tried and its working... But it is not possible to add each and every website. I have few more banking websites with I am facing this issue. That's the reason I am asking if there is any solution to solve this...
  10. I just ran a QUALS test on this web site. There are major security issues with it. This might explain why Eset's secure browser is having an issue with the web site. Personally, I would not do any online banking at that web site.QUALS_Onlinesbi.png Thanks itman for ur input... This is the banking website and you might have understood that how much security we people need here. It's acceptable that website might have some security issues. But ESET should provide automated option to open banking sites in secured browser... If ESET doesn't then what is the use of bamking protection...
  11. Noted for Google Chrome. But what about Internet Explorer, some of the banking web site doesn't open in secured browser with IE. Example is given above.
  12. I have checked updating chrome to v51 x64 and installed EIS v10, but its not working.... I checked with IE its working properly. and there are 2 websites, one is asking for secured browser and another one isn't. Not asking for secured browser: https://www.onlinesbi.com/ Asking for secured browser: https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking
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