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Certificate Error

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When I proceed to an installation of Endoint antivirus on client computer and after a reboot, I get the following certificate error:



Do you know what cause the problem ?


Remote administrator

Remote Agent 6.1.444.0

Endpoint Antivirus 6.22021.2

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This happens if you attempt to enable SSL/TLS scanning but a browser or email client process is running. In such case, the ESET root certificate should be added to browsers' / email clients' trusted root certification authorities certificate store after a system restart.

You can also try the following:

1, Close all browsers and email clients (check the task manager to make sure that no such process is running).

2, Disable SSL/TLS scanning and click OK.

3, Enable SSL/TLS scanning and click OK.

4, Open an https website in a browser to make sure it works as supposed.

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