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  1. Hello, When I proceed to an installation of Endoint antivirus on client computer and after a reboot, I get the following certificate error: Do you know what cause the problem ? Remote administrator Remote Agent 6.1.444.0 Endpoint Antivirus 6.22021.2
  2. The policy has been applied correctly.. The first policy is just for the agent refresh rate and the second is the policy with global setting...
  3. Here, the policy setting on my ERA: And here, the result on client computer after a scheduled scan:
  4. Someone know how to configure exclusion path in scheduled scan ? I know how to do it for the real time scan and it's work, but when the scheduled scan start, it find always something in folder that I exclude from my realtime scan..
  5. Hi, I have Eset Remote Administrator 6.6 on a CentOS. My client have Endpoint Antivirus with agent 6.1.444.0. The problem is that the scheduled scan configured on the Policy is setup to start at noon on Wednesday of each week. The scan on each clients start at 11:00 and not at noon. The time on the CentOs server and on client are ok. Can someone can tell me what's the problem ? Here, the client scheduled scan: Here, the server Policy
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