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Connecting to the Internet takes much longer after using ESET SS uninstall tool

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I had this issue 3 times: once on Windows 7 and ESET 8, later on Windows 10 preview builds and ESET SS 8 pre-release updates, and finally now on Windows 7 again.

I had ESET SS9 beta, then used uninstall tool and installed ESET 9 stable.


Without ESET on clean Windows installation as well as with ESET installed for a first time, it takes up to 10 seconds to connect to the internet. The easiest way to check that time is to disable and re-enable currently used network adapter in device manager.


After using the uninstall tool and installing ESET 9 stable it takes 90 seconds to connect to the Internet. Also the startup programs can't connect to the Internet at OS startup and gives me annoying popups.


I've tried to use the following Microsoft FixIt tool:


but it did not help.



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Did you use the same drivers (latest version) on all mentioned operating systems? What network adapter do you use? Did you have specific network settings, such as DHCP or DNS server configured manually when it worked? Are you able to ping www.eset.com for instance immediately or it's also ping that starts working with a delay?

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Same problem here. 


Windows 10 build 10240, Eset SS 9. Tried both drivers for adapter, that comes with Win10 and WHQL from Asus. 


Also there are working connections for such programs like Steam (and it's built-in browser works fine) but Opera, Chrome and etc. can't open webpages, especially with https protocol. Tried to turn off internet security and https checking, it didn't help. 

I really need a firewall, because my IPS don't have any security from DDoS or botnet.

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Yes, LAN_Atheros_Win7_64_VER21021 [16.07.2013] 7-8.1 x86/x64. It's Qualcomm Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller. I always set custom DNS (different than ISP defaults, but the same custom DNS are set up on the router). Static LAN IP set up on the router as well, auto-detect on windows. IPv6 and file and print sharing for Microsoft Networks network card components are disabled. I always use the same configuration (for at least couple years). No, www.eset.com starts working with delay too.

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for your network adapter?



edit@: I just did. Uninstalling network adapter drivers and installing them again fixed the issue. Now if I disable the adapter, wait a bit and reenable it, it takes 2, maybe 3 seconds to get the Internet connection back. Startup apps do not show up Internet access errors anymore.


Thank you for help. I can't believe it was so easy to fix...

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