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Silent install - Eset Endpoint Security 6


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Hi there,


we're using a Client Management System from which we're distributing software automated to the clients. But we have some problems with the silent installation of Eset 6 now. With version 5 it worked fine. Therefor we used ERAC to create an cfg.xml file to provide the configuration in the silent install. Now with version 6 there is no such option in the Remote Administrator Console anymore, so I exported the config directly from an installed and correctly configured Endpoint Security.

So i put the exported xml file in the same directory as the .msi file and started the installation with the following command:


msiexec /i ees_nt64_deu.msi /gb ADMINCFG="cfg.xml"


The installation works but the configuration is not provided, so it installs the Personal Firewall which we don't want to use and I also have to activate the software. So the cfg.xml seemd to be ignored.


Is there any possibility to silent install Eset Endpoint Security 6 with a cfg.xml which provides all configs correctly?


EDIT: Installed ESET including the Firewall, deactivated it and then exported the config. Now the configs are ok with the silent install. But the activation still does not work automatically...

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I recommend to create an activation task in ERA and assign it to "Not activated security product" dynamic group, with the trigger set to when the computer joins the group.

This way, upon the installation and first connection to ERA, the product will get license details and activate automatically. You can also use the command line parameter INSTALLED_BY_ERA=1 so that the product does not prompt the user to activate before the automatic activation takes place.

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