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Just a minor bug on the system that was experiencing the strangeness here https://forum.eset.com/topic/427-v6-x64-on-win-8/.


I just booted into XP, and say that the Antivirus icon had become green with a '!' in it. I opened NOD32 and it was still not obvious what the issue was. That was because the problem was written in green, which of course means 'all well'.


I was actually being told that the OS was not up to date - that is normally signified by the colour orange, both on the icon and the text.


The computer has an Intel 3000 HD graphics chip (with an nVidia GeForce 630M chip under the Optimus configuration).





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This is not a bug but a feature. Missing Windows updates are not supposed to change protection status, it's indicated by an tray icon with an exclamation mark.

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