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How to make multiple SELECTABLE profiles in policies for users ?

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I have ESET with policies for my users and in that policy I have a profile MY PROFILE (the default one you can't delete or rename...) and I want to make another profile so that my users can CHOOSE what profile they want to use but this seems impossible.

When I EDIT the list of profiles and I add another one, then the "selected profiles" and "list of profiles" selection gets APPLIED and as soon as it is APPLIED, the user can't  choose a profile.

So I disagree and I push the BIN icon and then I select my new profile and push FINISH.

After that when I edit this policy again and I check the profiles, they are all gone/deleted.


1) It should be possible to make SLECTABLE profiles

2) Profiles shouldn't be deleted automatically if you UN-APPLY


I don't think it is possible to do what I want so (1) looks like a conceptional error and (2) looks like a bug or is there another way ?


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