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Trouble with ESET Spam filter

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I have one resistant e-mail address that ESET Spam filter doesn't remove from the Inbox despite the address being in my Blacklist. When I click on the "Spam Address" button I get the following error message:



The following events occurred while processing addresses:

xxxx@domain.net - not added (already exists in user's Blacklist)


So, how can I get this particular address (actual address) to be recognized as spam and moved into the Junk E-Mail folder (Outlook 2007)?

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how do you receive mails?

Protocol, from what type of server?


Do you manage the server or you just receive mails from it?



1. I'm not sure what you are asking. But I use Outlook 2007 as my default e-mail client on my PC.


2. POP3 protocol


3. I simply send/receive e-mail and do not 'manage' the server.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Hapkido,


I would suggest to export your settings and few of spam messages from that sender and create a ticket with your support.


Please let us know how it went.


Thank you.



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