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  1. Okay, updated with the latest pre-release version and now time will tell if the problem reoccurs. So, for now, Marcus and thanks for your help, we can consider this matter resolved
  2. I checked and that rule "allow verification for ekrn" does exist. The popup appeared again and I chose to allow and make a rule for it. Hopefully, I did the right thing and it won't appear again.
  3. Could someone tell me if the request shown in the attached screenshot is safe or should it be denied permanently. Thus far, I have just denied it each time it appears.
  4. 1. I cannot upgrade to IE 11.xxx. My OS is too old. 2. The problem also happens with Opera 36.0.2130.80. 3. There is no problem if I use Firefox 52.8.1.
  5. Version When I go to my bank's website I can get login fine, but when the next page tries to load where you enter your password, the page is blank. This happens with both Opera and IE 9. Yes, the "Banking and Payment Protection" option is enabled. If I temporarily disable this feature, the problem is gone and I can successfully login and navigate all aspects of the website. Is there something I need to do, aside from disabling this feature entirely, to be able to access the bank's website?
  6. CRAZY goings on..... hahaha. I just took a screenshot of my menu, and as you can plainly see, two items are missing: Pause Firewall (allow all traffic) and Block all network traffic. But immediately after I took the screenshot and opened the context menu again, they were there? Gotta be Gremlins
  7. I just noticed that the "Block All Network Traffic" option in the context menu (right click icon) is missing????? It has been there as long as I can remember but it is no longer there. ESET Smart Security: 9.0.402.0 Is there something I can do to get this option back? TIA
  8. 1. I'm not sure what you are asking. But I use Outlook 2007 as my default e-mail client on my PC. 2. POP3 protocol 3. I simply send/receive e-mail and do not 'manage' the server.
  9. I have one resistant e-mail address that ESET Spam filter doesn't remove from the Inbox despite the address being in my Blacklist. When I click on the "Spam Address" button I get the following error message: So, how can I get this particular address (actual address) to be recognized as spam and moved into the Junk E-Mail folder (Outlook 2007)?
  10. Okay, I keep receiving these spam messages so how do I send a few of them to ESET for analysis, etc.?
  11. 1. I do not have the "ESET Outlook Add-in" for 'Com Add-ins'. 2. I do not have anything for ESET in the 'Trusted Publishers' 3. I do have "ESET Outlook Plugin" in the "Trust Center > Add-ins > Exchange Client Extensions" section. So, my guess is ESET Anti-spam isn't properly installed/integrated into Outlook. OR, Outook 2007 is different from the version of Outlook you are using. Methinks some progress has been made at least in discovering the cause of the problem, but assuming that ESET Anti-spam isn't installed correctly, the obvious questions are Why? and Can it be fixed?
  12. Yes, I have the ESET anti-spam toolbar. I have to use it constantly to manually click the "Spam" button because rarely are the spam messages caught and marked "spam" by ESET.
  13. I looked in the "Trust Center" and I cannot see Eset nor anything related to it in any of the sections. I would have expected it (if it is supposed to be there) in the "Addins" section. Where exactly should I be looking in the Trust Center? And, what am I looking for, i.e., what should the Eset antispam be worded as if not something obvious?
  14. 1. E-mail Client: Outlook 2007 2. Spam Folder: Default Outlook 'Junk E-mail', which is also the folder designated in the SS Anti-Spam setup configuration. 3. Not catching repetitive spam messages: Agreed and that's why I asked the question. 4. Just grasping at straws now, but is it possible that Outlook's anti-spam is causing a conflict with SS's Anti-Spam?
  15. I really don't like using a negative subject line to introduce a new thread, but it is unfortunately necessary in this case. Overall, I am extremely happy with SS. In my estimation it is the best of its kind available. However, the Anti-spam module is less than satisfactory in my experience. Rarely does the Anti-spam recognize spam messages in my inbox. Many are foreign language e-mails which I have to manually mark as spam. I also get a few spam messages from the same source/address, and even after designating them as spam, SS never catches them. Is there any way to increase the effectiveness
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