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Deploying V6 agent via Remota Administrator fails

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I have about 80 users, and I created the server task for agent deployment however it only actually installed on 13 computers. Our domain has the firewall disabled via GPO on all workstations, anyone else having similar issues? I’ve also ran the batch file that the live installer created, and I can see on the workstation in the “programdata” folder that it created the “remoteadministrator” folder however after refreshing the computer screen on the admin console I still do not see that computer name listed. Am I missing something?  

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ERAS for which OS are you install?

I have ERAS 6 as Vmware image on centos.

I have problems with agent push deployment, and also I can't push installation of antivirus to PCs with locally installed agents.

I successfully add ERAS server to my active directory.

Twice I created incidents to ESET support, but I don't receive any information so far.

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Hello pstoric,


From what I can tell it sounds like you are not able to completly resolve the server from those workstations. Please PM me a copy of the client side trace log located in c:\Programdata\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs as well as a screenshot of the output from the status.html file located in the same location.

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Hello WilliamT!

Yes, I have installed ERA from your published OVA template, and I have problems with push install agents and antivirus products.

Also, I have locally installed agent and endpoint antivirus 6 ver. on one of my PCs, but this antivirus can't get updates from ERA

Regards, Dmitry

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Hello DmitryP,

Regarding the updates from the ERA server,

According to the second post on https://forum.eset.com/topic/3872-era-61-clients-not-updating-from-server/

the ERA server 6.1 does not support supplying updates any more.

You will either need to use the proxy server component, or have one of your windows computers become a mirror server. (configured via policy)


And no I have not figured out how to easily add the proxy server component to the Supplied image

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Hello Everyone,


We have realeased a new version of the OVA. It will be released on the US site soon but here is the link to the internaltional site where it is already available. We suggest you try using this version as there are several fixes that were applied that may resolve the issues you are all seeing.




We have also been able to document the best way to get the AD sync to work properly and allow full access to the domain.


With the OVA and Linux Remote Administrator builds, the  Active Directory sync does not happen automatically.  In order to get it to sync correctly, you must create a new sync task and sync manually with the following steps:


Navigate to ADMIN > Tasks > Server Tasks > Static Group Synchronization and click on New at the bottom to create a new sync task.


Give the task a name, and make sure that the Task option is set to Static Group Synchronization.  Then check the "Run task immediately after finish" checkbox.

Select the static group you would like to have the AD groups fill, then enter your server connection information.

Check the "Use LDAP instead of Active Directory" checkbox.


Then click on Presets and select Active Directory in the drop down.  This should fill all of the domain attribute and filter settings with default values for Active Directory.
Make sure that the "Use Simple Authentication" checkbox is checked.

From there, you should be able click on the Browse button next to the Distinguished Name field, where you will be able to view your AD tree.  If you would like, you can select only certain groups for the task.  If you select the top AD tree entry, it will sync all groups, but you will not see anything fill in within the field.

Click Finish at the bottom, then the task should run within a few moments and populate your AD tree as static groups in the Computers menu.


Finally there is still testing going on, however we know this OVA does not work with ESXi versions prior to V5. There is more documentation available today and most can be found at hxxp://help.eset.com. This is a new online usermanual that will make troubleshooting much easier.

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