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  1. Cached mode is already enabled for all users
  2. Yep everyone uses that as online mode is unbearably slow. I have about 20 different small business clients and user mailboxes vary greatly between them. I have one company for example that each users has hundreds of subfolders and anywhere from 50k - 100k items that they insist on having available at all times and then other users that have very few sub-folders and a reasonable mailbox size but it seems to effect them all.
  3. Unfortunately no but if you find something, I'd be interested 😀
  4. I'm using the authentication app on my iPhone 11 but I'm upgrading to the 12 over the weekend. I can't seem find any way to transfer the ESET authentication app to my new phone. What's the process for doing that?
  5. I can check the ESET Server console but I'm mainly using the default settings. Any idea where I can find that specific one? I assume it's under the custom policy?
  6. I've noticed that anytime we update our ESET endpoint version that our Exchange users complain that outlook is stuck updating for some time after. What causes Outlook to resync or update after and endpoint update and is there anyway to avoid this?
  7. Makes sense as they never reboot haha. I'll scheudle a reboot for the weekend to see if it clears up.
  8. I can't see how to get rid of this alert. I checked the custom policy but didn't see and area for that. Any tips?
  9. Thanks for the tip! I'll try that and get back to you but seems like that's that answer.
  10. Hmm I tried to click onto the exclusions section but got the following message. I can't create one manually and use a threat name. Going to look into it a bit later
  11. I'm trying to exclude that threat by name in the the ERA console under policies but I can only find options to exclude it by path or executable name. Is there a spot where I can list that exact name "EFI/CompuTrace.A" so it can be skipped? I don't want to completely disable PUP protection
  12. Thanks! it seems to be working. I'll monitor it over the next few days but looks like I'm in the right direction.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try that today and disable the other one but the only thing I'm concerned about is how can I test it? Is there something like eicar I can use that ESET would detect but not be able to clean?
  14. But the first option in your pic is for items detected during computer scans by ESET but 90% of mine are from real-time detection so I'm not sure if that would apply.
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