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  1. I don't have the exact URL as OneDrive known folder redirection uploads files to Microsoft automatically. It doesn't show a specific URL
  2. Going to be tough as I need to coordinate with the end user who's a few time zones away. Is there anything I can do from the Protect admin console?
  3. I came across an issue today where it seems as if ESET blocked a user’s files from uploading to OneDrive using the known folder redirection feature. I was using MS word on her desktop to create a file and it said, “upload blocked” and complained about a bad cert. When I checked the cert, it was an expired ESET SSL cert. To work around it I’ve temporarily disabled SSL protection on her endpoint but how can I resolve this? I’m using ESET protect
  4. Strange. The previous step doesn't have that option. No drop-down menu to select diff products. It's basically Policy name, description, add tag. That's it. I'm going to call ESET support today at some point so they can help me find it. I know what to look for at least now.
  5. Thanks for that but I don't see a drop down anywhere to select the agent unless it's not a policy setting?
  6. Seems I have different options, can't seem to find it. This is ESET Protect
  7. What category on the left hand side is that under? I tried searching for "firewall" and Operating System" but can't seem to find that section
  8. I have a bunch of machines with that alert but when I check the policy that's configured for them, I don't see one that can ignore that specific one. Perhaps I missed it but can anyone help me locate it?
  9. Cached mode is already enabled for all users
  10. Yep everyone uses that as online mode is unbearably slow. I have about 20 different small business clients and user mailboxes vary greatly between them. I have one company for example that each users has hundreds of subfolders and anywhere from 50k - 100k items that they insist on having available at all times and then other users that have very few sub-folders and a reasonable mailbox size but it seems to effect them all.
  11. Unfortunately no but if you find something, I'd be interested 😀
  12. I'm using the authentication app on my iPhone 11 but I'm upgrading to the 12 over the weekend. I can't seem find any way to transfer the ESET authentication app to my new phone. What's the process for doing that?
  13. I can check the ESET Server console but I'm mainly using the default settings. Any idea where I can find that specific one? I assume it's under the custom policy?
  14. I've noticed that anytime we update our ESET endpoint version that our Exchange users complain that outlook is stuck updating for some time after. What causes Outlook to resync or update after and endpoint update and is there anyway to avoid this?
  15. Makes sense as they never reboot haha. I'll scheudle a reboot for the weekend to see if it clears up.
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