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  1. Thanks! it seems to be working. I'll monitor it over the next few days but looks like I'm in the right direction.
  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try that today and disable the other one but the only thing I'm concerned about is how can I test it? Is there something like eicar I can use that ESET would detect but not be able to clean?
  3. But the first option in your pic is for items detected during computer scans by ESET but 90% of mine are from real-time detection so I'm not sure if that would apply.
  4. We've recently enabled email notifications but the volume of alerts we are getting is way too much and it's for items that ESET is quarantining which makes it not a threat. Is there a way to only receive and email alert for and items detected buy not cleaned? The one below I'm pointing to seems to be about detections found but not cleaned only during a scan but what if someone downloads somethings malicious and it's found but can't be cleaned which would be outside of a detection window.
  5. Yea I have some older users that refuse to use gmail though lol Thanks Marcos!
  6. I have an office with about 100 users that use both ESET endpoint 7.x and the Gsuite sync tool. This past week a bunch of users kept receiving the error below so I wanted to post here to see if other have had the same experience. I really don't want to disable the ESET outlook add-in for security reasons. Dear G Suite Sync user, G Suite Sync has scanned your Microsoft Outlook® profile and detected some add-ins that could cause synchronization problems: ESET Outlook Add-in Please be advised that the listed add-ins should not be used in conjunction with G Suite Sync for
  7. I had some time to call ESET and open a case. They were able to help me get back up and running with ERA v7 instead of V6 so that's back up and running however now I'm trying to re-link it back to the 73 workstations I have set up. Me and the tech tried to push a new agent to an existing workstation and it showed the task was successful but it's not showing the check mark next to that workstation to show that it's communicating. They mentioned there were a few other things to try but we ran out of time yesterday. Going to resume on Monday. The old agent was pushed out via GPO so hopefully
  8. I'm having trouble installing the ESET Admin console from scratch. The computer is on the domain and for a domain the network profile has the firewall off for this computer and I've specifically allowed all traffic for inbound port 1433 but can't seem to get past this step
  9. We didn't have any backups of that computer so I've replaced the failed spinning drive with an SSD, installed Windows 10 and gave it the same static IP as it had previously but what's next? I have about 100 workstations that were pointed to it. What are my steps to get it back up and running? May need to call support for this one but looking for some suggestions
  10. Hey Peter. Yes still need help w/ this. Haven't made any progress but I won't be back on site until next week. Any suggestions?
  11. It's been a while since I've logged into the ERA Console so today I tried to pop in and I got the screen below saying "Warning! The console version (5.1.38) and the server version (5.3.39) are not compatible! Please upgrade the console. Next, I went to "help > check console updates on the web" and it gave me the download link for 5.3.39 which I grabbed and installed. After the install was completed, I proceeded to open the ESET Console again but I get the exact same message. If I try to run the installer again, it gives me the repair or remove option which leads me to believe it's installed
  12. We're using ESET Endpoint here at a small client without the ESET Remote Admin setup and I was trying to figure out how to update all the user workstations silently via the login script or .bat file. I grabbed the "eea_nt64_enu.msi" (6.6.2072.4) file via the website on one workstation as a test. Then I ran the following command C:\Users\UsersName\Desktop\eea_nt64_enu.msi /qb REBOOT="ReallySuppress" but instead of running silently, it popped the open file security window that I had to select yes on. Is there a better way to do this without any intervention from the end user?
  13. I have about 80 users, and I created the server task for agent deployment however it only actually installed on 13 computers. Our domain has the firewall disabled via GPO on all workstations, anyone else having similar issues? I’ve also ran the batch file that the live installer created, and I can see on the workstation in the “programdata” folder that it created the “remoteadministrator” folder however after refreshing the computer screen on the admin console I still do not see that computer name listed. Am I missing something?
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