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Guest Sharp06

HI all

I am finding that my Asus laptop overheats as soon as ESET starts a scan.
I am using Smart Security Premium and have no problems with the heat when playing videos or music or crunching numbers, multiple web pages open, only when the ESET scan starts.

All 4 cores go above 90 degrees and sometimes high enough to shut the machine down.

I have looked everywhere for an answer and am looking at the unpleasant task of deleting ESET and going to something else.

Any suggestions?

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Guest Thanks Marcos

Is there a way to throttle the scan so that it does not place such a high demand on the CPU?

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I recall that scheduled scans are run with low priority so if you want to scan a whole disk and need a lot of CPU resources for other tasks, schedule a scan at a time when the machine is not used heavily.

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Also, one of the scheduled scan scan priority options is to only run the scan when the PC is idle. If you use this option, you will have to temporarily change Win power saving sleep setting to Never to allow the scan to complete while PC is idle.

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Please apart from the software suggestions here , try to clean the dust from your laptop and replace thermal paste for CPU, if you aren't experienced with that let a PC shop do it , it can help a lot.

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