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module update - connectivity issues

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today we are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues to citrix terminal servers.

we don't use the FW in eset, not installed, but the common anomaly is that for all the servers with the issue

ESET shows an error for AMSI

any known issues in a recent module update that would explain the connectivity errors?

have HIPS been updated to be more aggressive when it comes to blocking processes?

NO other changes in the environment than module update in ESET



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You can ignore the AMSI error. It is probably a system where registration as an AMSI provider takes the system long during a system start. If disabling AMSI integration in the advanced setup, saving the changes and re-enabling it doesn't make any difference, you can temporarily turn off the appropriate application status so that the error is not reported in GUI. Network connectivity issues cannot be connected with the AMSI error. Please raise a support ticket for further investigation if the issues actually go away after temporarily uninstalling ESET and return as soon as you install the latest version with default settings.

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