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Default Reports Recreation

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Hello All:

I use to use ESET Business at another company and would utilize the default reports to help create some of the more custom reports we would use there. I'm at a different company now and they use ESET Business as well, but to my dismay someone has deleted all the reports that would give the nice Dashboard graphs and At-A-Glance issues. My question is, How do I go about Recreating these reports or does ESET have a repository we can download them and Import/upload them to our dashboard?

I've attached a screenshot of what I see. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


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Hi Marcos,

This is a ESET Protect that I believe is cloud based because of the client number is above what we were allowed at the last company.

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Posted (edited)

I understand what you're saying but the Report that displays the Desktop Graphs were deleted before I was here. I'm asking how do I recreate them or is there a repository that I could download and import them back into the system.


Currently in the Reports Page there are a total of 8 Reports, all of which I created.


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On 3/8/2024 at 9:14 AM, Marcos said:

Did you try clicking the cog wheel and selecting Reset to default?


Bumping this to keep it alive,
I have set the Reset Default like you suggested, but the rest of the Dashboard is still the same. I believe this is due to the Reports that they pulled from no longer exist (As stated, they were not there when I got here) and I'd like to know how or where I can recreate these Reports so the Dashboard can display their reports again.

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  • Administrators

If you have another cloud instance of ESET PROTECT, export each report template and import it to your instance. If you don't have any, deploy a virtual appliance and export it from there. You can also raise a support ticket and ask to restore the default report templates.

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  • ESET Staff

Can it be confirmed (via audit log) those report templates were actually removed? If so, they should be re-created upon next PROTECT upgrades (in a few weeks) or it can be forced manually - but that would work only in case they were actually removed, not in case of other issues.

Also note that this might be caused by missing permissions to access report templates - but that is case only in case it was not tested using administrative account which should have access to all objects in the console.

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